FUNDRAISERS - To attend any fundraiser you must fill out the Sign-Up form for each fundraiser by the due date on the FUNDRAISERS page- even if you have told an advisor that you are attending. Your name will appear on the roster when your information has been received. You can look for your name by clicking on the event on the Fundraiser Roster link,

Sunday, January 22nd from 0800-1330
Sign Up before January 15th at 1900
Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Sign-Up Form - Click here
Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Details - Click here
Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Roster - Click here
Pancake Fundraiser Donation-gathering Assignments:
Andrew- Quality Bakery – letter completed
Anna & Patrick- VFW Men and Women’s Auxiliary – Letter completed
Chaley & Michelle- Quarter Back Club, Super America, Holiday, Cub Foods, Napa Autoparts – letters completed
Champagne- VFW gambling – letter completed
Courteney- Kwik Trip – letter completed
Jenna – Country Marker, New Prague Meat Market, Fred’s IGA, (Other Lonsdale business) – need letters!
Kaylen- Upper Lakes Foods – letter completed
Lizzy- Cassey's – letter completed
Mack – L&M Bar – letter completed
Mady- Nfld Fire & Rescue, Ace Hardware – letters completed
Natalea- Northfield Ballroom – letter completed
Shawna- James Gang Coffee House, Blue Monday Coffee – need letter!
Taylor- Mclane Minnestoa – letter completed
Torree- Sam's, College City Beverage, St. Olaf (Bon Appetit) – letters completed