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We will be doing a modified Heart Restart Train the Trainer on Friday, August 31st from 1000-1200 and a incoming freshman mass Heart Restart mass training on Wednesday, September 5th from 1100-1200.  We need as many Explorers as we can get as we will have approximately 95 current students on Friday and approximately 550 students on Wednesday.  Please see event details form for complete information.

Friday, August 31, 2012               Time:  0930-1230
Wednesday, September 5, 2012    Time:  1045-1215
    Setup:  0800 for non-high school students

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Carleton College Rec Center
Three Oaks Dr
Northfield, MN  55046
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Please contact Kathy Hanek (507) 330-3299 or Julia Smith (651) 253-4499 with any questions or concerns.

Events as completed on Paper at the Sept. 4th Meeting:

NHS Varsity Football Medical Standby
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Defeat of Jesse James Days
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St. Peter's Church Heart Restart Training
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