Community Medical Services

EMS Explorer Post 3300 is proud to offer Community Medical Services to community events in Northfield and surrounding communities. We may provide first aid in any community that does not currently facilitate an EMS Explorer post.

Our service menu includes:
  • Medical first aid provided by trained EMS Explorers under direct supervision of our Advisors (EMTs or Paramedics) in conjunction with Northfield Hospital & Clinics Emergency Medical Services
  • Bicycle & Skateboard Helmet fitting and sales on behalf of Northfield EMS (by specific request only)
  • First Aid Tent with appropriate identification signage.
  • Heart Restart Community CPR Training. Rice County Heart Restart Bystander CPR Educational Program for ALL community members. Schedule a class and be prepared to save a life!
  • First Aid equipment and supplies.
  • Safety promotion.
  • EMS skills demonstrations.
  • EMS Explorer Program Promotion.
If you are holding a community event that would benefit from Community Medical Services provided by EMS Explorer Post 3300, please fill out a Request for Medical Services Application below.

Request for Community Medical Services Application

Please feel free to contact us with questions or more information at

All Applications for aid will be reviewed and voted upon by the Post officers for approval.