Monday, May 23, 2011

Mock Crash

Does anyone happen to know what time are we getting out of class tomarrow and what the details are? I know we are probably doing crowd control but where do we meet up with Tex and is there someone pulling us out of class or do we need to tell our teachers that we are leaving at a specific time? Please let me know ASAP. I most likely wont have my phone tomarrow but I may be able to barrow a friends if needed. If i can then I'll text Mady so we have a means of communication if needed. Please please please let me know asap what the plans are for tomarrow.

Thank you,

Lizzy Jung


  1. You will get out during you lunch hour. Meet out on the east side (main entrance). We will be out there.

  2. ok thanks. i have c lunch so should i come out then? or earlier? if im needed earlier its fine i have nothing going on in that class anyways.