Monday, July 25, 2011

Three New Events in August Added!

Three new events added in August! Sign up today!


  1. For the renaissance fair it wouldn't let me put my dates on the roster unless i had one for djjd but it would only let me do the Saturday night. if possible i can do the Saturday morning one

  2. Chaley -

    Email me all of the dates you want for the Ren. Fair and for DJJD. I will enter them for you on the back side. The two events are not related, I'm not sure what's wrong with the sign-up form. Email me at

  3. Chaley, I re-designed the Ren. Fair page. It populated very strange the first time. I have re-entered yours, Victoria's, and Elizabeth's entries. I have also added you to Saturday Sept 10th from 0900-1400. Please check the dates to make sure I entered them right. If more explorers don't sign up within the next few days we will have to forfeit our entry because there are not enough people signed up.