Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New event added and Info about next week's meeting...

Hello Explorers!

We are lucky enough to be spending some serious quality time with the Northfield Fire Department in the next few weeks! Northfield Fire Department is one of our main first responders to the EMS system in Northfield and surrounding areas. We work closely with this brave group of skilled professionals and we need your help to make a fabulous impression on them!

A new event has been added for October 13th in the evening. We have been invited to set up an Explorer booth at the Northfield Fire Department Open House to sell first aid kits and promote Post 3300. Sign up on the EVENTS page by October 10th. Additional events are currently having details worked out to be posted in the near future.

Our next meeting, on October 4th, will be taking place away from the hospital and outside in the elements. We will be training with two Northfield Firefighters on extrication from a vehicle. Because you will be getting your hands dirty, remember that there is a SPECIAL DRESS CODE: Do NOT wear your uniform. Wear WARM clothes that can get dirty and close-toed shoes. Safety goggles and work gloves will be provided with post funds. See the right sidebar for the address of this upcoming meeting.

Officer's Meetings: Officers and Explorers present for last week's meeting voted to continue holding Officer Meetings one hour prior to regular Explorer meetings from 5:00PM-6:00PM. Officers are required to attend these meetings and Explorers are encouraged to attend as well.

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