Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween, Huanted House

As many of you that were at the meeting on Tuesday Night may remeber, I agreed to extend MY haunted house in Dundas, from 1 night to 3 nights with your help. I am charging $1 per person or canned goods for admission. The Money goes to Northfield EMS Explorers, can goods will be donated by EMS Explorers to Northfield food shelf. The haunted house is set for Oct 29, 30 & 31 from 1830-2200 all nights. I need volunteers, Explorers, parents, firends, all are welcome. Bring any make up, costumes and excessories you can. We need your help. Campfire, Hot apple cider, friendship and fun. Send me an email if you can help or send my e-mail to your friends who can help.
8 west Ave
Dundas, MN
(Railway St S and County Road 1- you can't miss it)
Happy Haunting,

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