Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Responder Homework Assignment

Hello Explorers!

Here is your homework assignment for the next upcoming class session on 12/3. This class will be held at the Farmington Fire Station #1. This homework assignment can also be found on the TRAINING tab on this website.

ATTENTION OFFICERS & SQUAD LEADERS: You must inform all of your team members about this homework assignment ASAP!!!!!

Homework Assignment for 12/3.
Quiz must be completed before midnight on 12/2 or it will be recorded as a 0/10.
1. Review your notes from last class session.
2.View and take notes on the following three power points:
3. Take Quiz 2 ONLINE - Quiz 2 - Click Here
4. Read Chapters 12, 5, and 15
5. Review ALL skill sheets, including previously covered skills.

ALSO: This coming Thursday, 12/1, during the normal Farmington Fire Explorers Meeting from 6PM-9PM will be skills practice and review. ALL Explorers are strongly suggested to attend! You HAVE to know these skills and be able to perform them proficiently in order to become a First Responder!

As always, you may always contact Julia or Captain Matek with questions or concerns.


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