Monday, November 14, 2011

Officer Election Reminder

Hey Guys,

Remember that in order to apply for the Captain, Executive Officer and Squad Leader positions, you need to submit an email to for the Advisors to review and approve your nomination. These emails need to be sent by 1600 on Tuesday. You should have your ICS 100, 200, and 700 completed as well. These can be done online and can be found on the TRAINING tab.

One hour of skills and lecture review will be held during the normal Officer's Meeting on Tuesday from 1700-1800. Bring your questions and orange folders - We will make sure you are up to date for class!

If you have missed more than ONE day of First Responder Training, you will need to contact Julia about make-up work.

Homework Assignments will be posted by Tuesday evening for the next First Responder class session. This class will be held at the Northfield Hospital.

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