Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi Guys,

This has been a crazy last couple of months! I'm happy to say that we are almost DONE with First Responder class!!! Way to go guys! In addition we have a medical standby event THIS SATURDAY, and two fundraisers coming up.

We will be providing medical standby for the Northfield HS Wrestling tournament on THIS COMING SATURDAY . Sign up on the blog ASAP!!!! Remember - we are being sticklers about signing up for events on the blog. If you show up for the event without signing up you will be SENT HOME!!!

Homework/Quiz 3:
Homework and powerpoints have been added to the TRAINING tab on the blog. I am having some trouble with Quiz 3, so the deadline will be extended until I can figure it out.
There are 3 scheduled skills nights coming up. These are all listed under the TRAINING tab as well. Also, food for thought... Current First Responders who are not taking the class would benefit from a skills refresher session, and you would be helping out your fellow post members.
REMEMBER TO P*R*A*C*T*I*C*E!!!!!!!!!!!

There are 2 upcoming fundraisers now available on the FUNDRAISERS tab on the blog. The first is the Cub Foods Grocery Bagging Fundraiser in mid December and the next is the Pancake Breakfast in January. Remember, we have to write and go to the sponsoring business for food donations BEFORE the fundraiser! Your business assignments are also listed on that tab. You may work partner-up with someone else if you want an extra person for your business. Contact Mady with questions about donation directions.

Squad Leaders/Officers: Relay this information to your squad members.

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  1. Jill from the VFW gave me names of places that the letters need to say atten: so and so. I will let you know if you have one of those places. Also I will email the letter to all of what I did for NFLD Fire and Rescuse and Ace Hardware. All you would have to is change what we are asking for. You will know what to ask for when I email the letter copy out.