Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spaghetti Feed with Eagles

So the lady that I was in contact and who made a GIANT push for us to get a dontations name was Julie. She is very much impressed with us and supports us A LOT. She said Eagles wants us to do a spaghetti feed with them. I quote Julie with "Eagles wants to help you guys get more money besides the donation we are giving you now. So we wanna do a spaghetti feed with you that should bring in a A LOT of money. Looking at more the end of February" I am REALLY excited about this!!! Hope the rest of you are as well. I am VERY PROUD of our post and things we are accomplishing and working towards. Keep up the good work every one.

P.S. Jim and Julia I will be in contact with you later on this evening about everything.

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