Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The EMS post 3300 Fundraiser

Okay, I know that we had kind of decided that we should organize the Cub foods bagging, but, I was talking to my family and bouncing ideas around and this is what I learned. My mom suggested a breakfast fundraiser at the eagles club in Northfield. We could do pancakes or omelets. There are several benefits. the main benefit being, we'd probably make more money. We have made the public pretty aware, we could most definately get paramedics and other hospital staff to come. Fire fighters and Police would probably come too. We would need to advertise more because we'd have to sell tickets. Another potential benefit is incorporating bike helmet sales (maybe we could get 50% of the sales or something??) and some sort of safety display. It could give us explorers a chance to practice public speaking and show off a little :D We'd have to sell tickets first and then after all is said and done we'd only have to cover the supplies that we used for the food plus of course time (prep, cooking, cleaning, etc.- family could help too!) So I personally feel that this would help educate and inform the public a little more but it would require more work. Comment on ideas or which idea you'd prefer.


  1. Sounds good to me.

  2. Patrick,
    This sounds like a good idea. I need to contact the Eagles club and find out what they require. In the past the Eagles club will purchase the food and then charge you a fee for their services. You will also need to appoint someone to the "display" and figure out what you are going to talk about. Unfortunately you will not be able to obtain any profits via bike helmets. This is because these helmets were not purchased by the EMS post. If you are interested in having items to sell you could try a silent auction or something similar. There are also labor laws to consider. Most likely none of the explorers will be allowed in the kitchen to cook, your role will be primarily dining room place settings. I am not trying to discourage you from this idea, the Eagles Club is a great place to start fundraising. I am just giving you things to consider for your proposal. Let me know if you need any input or help ~Julia

  3. Hi everyone,

    I was just at Cub and asked the manager about bagging. She said that everyone who bags has to be 15+ years old and that the next time they had was in December. We could do the 18th from 10-6, the 19th, 21st, 22nd, or 23rd from 4-9, or the 31st(new years eve) from 9-6. If you guys think we should do this, she said that we should call and let her know.

    Also, another thing we might be able to do is collect aluminum cans. I know that Econo foods has a bin and they donate the profits to an organization.

    The coop has a program called "just change". Here is the link: http://justfood.coop/about/donations/
    They donate all of the profits from change jars placed at all of the registers to the organization on the jars.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Also, I think the Eagles Club breakfast is a really good idea. It would let people know who we are and would most likely be very successful. I think if it would work out, that it would be awesome :)