Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Officers, New Event, Other fun updates

Congratulations to our newly elected Post Officers!
President - Patrick
Vice President - Anna
Treasurer - Courteney
Sergeant at Arms - Taylor
Secretary - Elizabeth

A new event has been posted on the Events page. We have been asked to provide first aid care at a local event for Northfield youth in July. Please visit the event details document for further details. Sign up for this event is due by July 1st.

We have two new event plans in the works -

Patrick is heading up a proposal for our first fundraiser and Victoria is the committee lead for a proposed BBQ this month.

At our last meeting we have decided to incorporate drill and ceremony into the beginning portion of all of our following post meeting. We have also determined Squad assignments and leaders. The squad listings can be found on the right sidebar of the blog.

We have also discussed ideas for Topics to be presented at our meetings. The advisors are currently working on arranging some speakers to come and share with you in the near future.

Also, Congrats to our two Grads Marie and Elizabeth! Way to go! 


  1. A quick reminder that Fire House Living Reflection Papers and Event proposals were due yesterday, June 7th. Please turn these in ASAP! Please email in word document format to OR use the drop box page to submit these assignments. Thanks!

  2. hey just a question,
    for the y kids tri event is it mandatory we have ems pants?

  3. Elizabeth, they do not have to be EMS pants. They can be any dark colored pant, just not jeans.