Saturday, June 18, 2011

Okay, so I kind of brought up dates for the pancake or omelet breakfast at the pinic but we didn't really decide on anything. So I think that we should do it in June, because the only other date in June is the 25th. But should I get us a date in early, mid, or late july? And also, Do we want to do a pancake or omelet breakfast? I'm going to say pancake unless anyone is against it. We should also decide what we should do for silent auctions if we want to do that. And the poster board with post info and sign up sheets, do we want to get together and do that next meeting? I know I'm asking you guys for a lot of decisions but I feel like I should because it's our post. :) Tell me what you think a.s.a.p please.


  1. Hi Patrick, I talked with Jim today and we would adivse against having the breakfast on June 25th. That doesn't leave you with enough time for setting-up arrangements and advertising. Is Sunday, June 24th, available at the Eagle's? I can dontate a few things to the auction. Another big thing at auctions is to create baskets like a "movie night" basket with a few DVD's a box of popcorn, single serve candy boxes, etc. As a post you could make home First Aid kits and sell them too.

    Let me know if you would like any more ideas or help setting this up!

  2. I meant to say that we should NOT do it in june because of that reason...... guess i need to proof read better lol. I'll check back with the eagles hall and see if that date is available, and those baskets are a really good idea! For set up I think we'll need a poster board to write about the post and what we've learned. and then a laptop to display pictures/videos of events. and then we'll just need to decide what we'll need for our auction. And then bike helemet sales if we want to promote it seeing we're EMS explorers.

  3. Patrick, I want to green-light this event. Let me know ASAP when you get a date set at the Eagles Club.

  4. Patrick, Thanks for working on this. Feel free to recuit people to assist you as needed. Please be sure to get details to julia or myself ASAP. We need to know what is involved with cost, and what is expected of the post as far as supplying cooks, clean up, etc. Good work, keep it up.