Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hi everyone,
At the last meeting I said I would get more info about this stuff:
-Aluminum cans: rice county recycling wouldn't pay us for them but they said there's a place called "Harley's Auto Salvage"(http://harleysautosalvage.com/) and they would. I called them and they said they'd give us 55-60 cents/pound, so I don't think we'd raise much, but we could possibly try that.

Also, Cans for causes (http://www.aluminum.org/Content/NavigationMenu/NewsStatistics/CANSforCAUSES/default.htm) could be better, but they don't have any information about how much we'd get per pound and how the organization works.

-Co-op donation: they sent me a form we'd have to fill out if we wanted a donation from them. I've emailed it to the post email address.

-Car wash: I just checked with advanced auto parts and they said that they have every day from the 10th-20th available for car washes.

-Cub grocery bagging: We have Monday, December 19th 4-9pm reserved for our post to bag groceries.

NEW IDEA: There's a company called Spartan Promotional Products (http://spartan.logomall.com/default.aspx) and they have several items that we could buy to sell at our events such as 1st aid kits, bags, tshirts, carrabieners, bike helmets, lip balm, keychains, and pretty much anything else we could think of. We can design what is put on the items we order. The only question would be the quality of the things we order, so we'd have to look into it more. A woman who works for that company said she could give us price estimates and I'm pretty sure she could send us some more info. Her contact info is: Lorna Santema, 651-271-0559, lorna_spartanpromo@msn.com

See you all tonight!

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